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Thanksgiving Day $19.99 Special

Waldorf Garnish, Organic Field Greens Salad with Crystallized Cranberries and a Luscious Riesling Ice Wine Vinaigrette

Montage of Home-Style Rosemary, Pumpkin, and Banana Bread
and Freshly Baked Rolls

Roasted Maple Butter Glazed Natural Turkey

Pan Dripping Sage Scented Thanksgiving Gravy

Chestnut-Apricot, Lady Apple and Celery Corn Bread Stuffing

Fresh Cranberry Relish

Late Harvest Vegetable and Roots Medley

Brussels Sprouts and Red Grape Casserole

Buttery Mashed Potatoes

Orange Glazed Yams with Fluffy Marshmallow

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie
with Ginger Whipped Cream

Pecan Pie
With Bourbon Ice Souffle

Dutch Apple Pie
With Cider Creme Fraiche

**$19.99 does not include Dessert, Gratuity, or Tax
**Dessert price is $6.99 each

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